Info and booking

The event will be held at Palazzo dei Congressi, via Matteotti 1, Pisa. It will be broadcast live in some classrooms of University of Pisa: access will be free.
At the same time there will be live streaming on a dedicated channel of you tube.

Due to the limited number of places, the entrance to the hall of the Palazzo dei Congressi is reserved for students, teachers, staff and special guests of Università di Pisa and Istituto Lama Tzong Khapa.
Reservations  for students, teachers, staff of Università di Pisa will be possible here:


Classrooms where the event will be broadcast:

  • Polo Carmignani, piazza dei Cavalieri
  • Polo Piagge, via Matteotti 11
  • Polo Fibonacci, largo Pontecorvo 3
  • F8 Etruria, via Diotisalvi 7
  • Aula Vitali  – Scuola Medica , via Roma 55 (reserved for  students of  the courses: “Scienze e Tecniche di Psicologia Clinica e della Salute”and LM “Psicologia Clinica e della Salute”)